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Completed culinary school (chef College) September 2011 as a Second Career. Use to make kitchens and now I'm on the other side. Neighbourhood in this townhouse environment all said that I enroll in Culinary Education based on my BBQ creations. When I received a permanent layoff last year, at forty-eight yrs old that's what I did. Hardest part now is for people to take notice what I can make for a living. Three BBQ's in the back and people refer to me as the Chef on Dixie. Growing fresh herbs in the back and trying new flavours with lamb, duck, hens and yes, chicken, people pass by and stare what's on the Weber? I always say chicken. Jerk and Tandori seem to be popular on the grill when people smell it on charcol. Spinach salad is a signature dish here and for vegans we do Portabelo, mixed spinach and goat cheese on the grill. A family environment over ten years here. Cheers. George Smilka

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George Smilka Posté 2012-04-24 par
George Smilka
Mississauga CA
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