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Richmond Hill

PC® BBQTown Event!


Richmond Hill is a moderately small town but being here you get the greatest sense of COMMUNITY. Everyone is always willing to help out, even if they're not interested inn the event! Sadly, considering its placement being directly next to Toronto, Canada's biggest city, no one ever pays any attention to Richmond Hill. I feel like hosting a huge event like this would really help Richmond Hill be put on the map! We have so much to offer and I know if this BBQ is to be hosted in Richmond Hill, so many people from the entire region would come ( Markham, Toronto, Scarborough, Newmarket, Aurora)! Also, considering it's the suburbs, the event could be held without disturbing traffic or everyday activities, but can still draw attention! Richmond Hill is placed in the centre of all these cities/towns! I honestly can't say I've lived here my whole childhood or anything, but out of all the places I've lived, Richmond Hill is my favourite and I hope to one day even be lucky enough to raise my children here! I know this probably won't sound like the most unique entry you would've read, but I can tell you I genuinely mean every single word of it. Richmond Hill is such a beautiful town that has everything from high buildings/downtown, farms, forests, malls, in a comfortable environment. Richmond Hill also doesn't often have huge, sponsored BBQs so it would be so incredible exciting for all the citizens! I really, really hope you consider Richmond Hill! :)

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Posté 2012-04-24 par
Hiba Mahmoud
Richmond Hill CA
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