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PC® BBQTown Event!

Hedley Shipwrecked Tour 2012 Pt. 1 663

The city of Fredericton should host the President's Choice BBQ Town event because we are the Capital of a small province in the East Coast that often goes un-noticed. There are few community get togethers in the run of a year in Fredericton, but when we are lucky enough to host an event, we have a fantastic turn-out and fun is had by all. Living in a smaller city we truly value our community and band together to ensure that each and every event is a great success. If Fredericton is lucky enough to win this event then I can guarintee that it will be the talk of the year. Speaking as a community member, a President's Choice employee at Atlantic Superstore and a devoted Hedley fan, I believe Fredericton is the best city for PC to host their BBQ Town Event.

4 commentaires

Ahmet Tahan | Fredericton

Go Fredericton!

Melanie Fenner | Fredericton

Go Fredericton

Andrea Banks | Fredericton

gotta say i love PC! and hedley is my fav! love them!!!!

Kate Graves | Fredericton

Let's get some PC & Hedley love comments flowing here! Prove that Fredericton is the best place to host this BBQ Town event!


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Posté 2012-04-25 par
Kate Graves
Fredericton CA
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