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St. Albert

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My name is Donna and I have grown up in St.Albert most of my life. I would love to see the people that have supported me and mine have this wonderful opportunity because words can not express the gratitude my family and I feel. Community pride is something that I think has been under-rated since the early turn of the millennium. Everywhere you go you see people being proud of the individual things that are being done, whether is be a food bank drive, kids winning a soccer game of a music recital but I think the thing that is missing from our community pride is being proud of the things we could accomplish if we would work together. Like community gardens and drop in centers for the youth. There are members of the community that don't get the praise for going above and beyond the call of duty. The people in St.Albert go out of there way to be there when no one else will and they are friends for life. I'm nominating St.Albert for this wonderful opportunity because there are so many wonderful people there that never get a thank you and I would like to say THANK YOU!!

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Posté 2012-04-26 par
Donna Goyea
Edmonton CA
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