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Communautés - Richmond Hill


d’avoir participé au party Ça grille en ville avec le Choix du PrésidentMD à

Richmond Hill

PC® BBQTown Event!


I grew up in Richmond Hill and it is a wonderful community. We should host the BBQTown Event because it would be a great and mesmerizing experience me and my friends could enjoy. Thanks President's Choice!

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Lidia Kafieh | Richmond Hill

I spent my whole life in Richmond Hill. I started school here, volunteered for 28 years here, started my first job here and raised a family of four here. It feels like the centre of the earth with everything we need within our communities.Anyone can get to us quickly via 404 or 407. We hope to win this town BBQ Event for we have the best, green space and welcoming people ready and willing to greet you! Love the PC points I accumulate with my PC Mastercard and banking. Loblaw and No Frills in Richmond Hill serves us well! I am your number one supporter and will be first in line to greet you and your crew for some fingerlicking great BBQ foods from President's Choice. We are your Choice!!!!


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Carolyn Loh Posté 2012-04-29 par
Carolyn Loh
Richmond Hill CA
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