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We have a great sense of community in the Pembina Valley where Winkler is located next to several other communities. It is the center of our little world in Southern Manitoba and we spend quite some time shopping and visiting in this area. It would be great to have a BBQ to pull the entire community together and not to mention listen to some great music. So let's go Winkler!! WOOT

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Donna Holenski | Winkler

Good Luck Winkler. Go Go Go

Andrea Tanner | Winkler

Community Spirit??? Who's GOT IT???? WE DO!!!!! That's right WINKLER/MORDEN/PEMBINA VALLEY ROCK!!! We are an amazing community with a tremendous sense of Family and Charity!! We will be PERFECT to represent the PRESIDENT's CHOICE brand with this event!!! Proof is in the support that is being shown in trying to earn a spot in this contest!!!!!!! But I have to say, I am not surprised in the least - this community knows how to RALLY when they are needed :)

Andrea Tanner | Winkler

Well Said Girl!!!! We DO HAVE an AMAZING SENSE of COMMUNITY!!!!!


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Posté 2012-05-01 par
Megan Nichole
Winkler CA
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